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The book consists of contributions and interviews with people that want to not only recover from their addictions but want to help others avoid the consequences they have suffered as a result of addictions.  Though the names are fictional, the stories are true and factual as best they can be recalled by the contributors.

Evil seems to be winning!  Jesus started His church for the purpose of making a revolutionary change but she has become irrelevant to most people today!  He has provided an inspired field manual for us to use: the Bible.  we must move beyond Bible study and obey its commissions and commands much as a military person uses his/her field manual.

We were members of the same church for 47 years and served in all of the roles of ministry and leadership yet our life lacked the joy promised in the Bible.

Christian discipleship was omitted!.  We took a one year sabbatical and learned to become Disciples of Christ.  This book is to help you change your church into a spiritual revolutionary church to change the world.

This book focuses on schools in your area because the students (ages 13 -21) are the future of Christianity and are poorly equipped to cope with the evil and temptations with which our culture surrounds them.

Students make the best change agents on their campuses.  It will only take a few committed Christian students to start a sustained spiritual revolution that will spread to other campuses and change the world.

A revolution started in 1960.  It has been called the Sexual Revolution.  We know that the content of this book is countercultural now but necessary to return to a personal state of peace, joy, and hope.  Even though it may seem out of date, it has worked for us and we believe it will work for everyone who tries it seriously.

This is a companion work book for our Let's Change Your Thinking About Sex and Marriage book.  All of the Obedience Assignments are included  as an aid in making changes in your marriage life.

This book supplements Phase I of a three phase process to Change the World. Our book, Let’s Change the World, details the three-phase process and our books, Equipping Parents – Manual and Equipping Students --Manual are for those being taught phase II and phase III.
You must first become a true Disciple of Christ before you can effectively advance to Phases II and III.

This Book includes culture and travel changes from covered wagons to Mach 6 with the X-15 Rocket plane

This is a collection of stories about adventures I have enjoyed with my six grandchildren.  Some of the stories are fictional but reflect the individual character of each of the children and are based upon similar situations they have experienced. Others are based upon true experiences but may be slightly embellished.

Six Cousins

Grand Adventures are stories about Adventures the author has enjoyed with his six grandchildren.  This is the most recent book published by the Overton's and a sequel, More Family Adventures is being drafted.

This is a study of the Book of Philippians.  It is not a published book.  We have a small supply that we will mail to you upon request.  Be sure to include your complete mailing address with requests.

Higher Ground