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Issue 329 – Bay Area Recovery Center (BARC) News – April 15, 2019
Our BARC house #1 room had been arranged for the weekly discipleship class Monday evening as we arrived to set up the TV for presenting The Easter Story. Larry and Martha delivered trays of home-made cookies and placed them alongside Bibles and daily devotionals for the men.
We had one new man in our group. They were all encouraged to join us at the First Baptist church across the street for Easter Sunday services and to bring BARC brothers and family members with them.
Following opening prayer, the Discipleship topic of Easter was introduced.
According to Romans 3:23, we ALL have a sin problem and fall short of God’s perfect glory. That prohibits us from entering the holy and sinless place where God is else we would contaminate it. There is s separating barrier between ALL of us and Holy God!
But God. But God loves us so much that He took ALL of our sins upon Himself to pay the ransom for our freedom from sin’s slavery. Only God could provide the solution and whoever believes in Him will not perish but enjoy everlasting life with Him in sinless heaven. Jesus took all of the sins of the world on Himself and paid our death sentence for us died for us and was resurrected to life. We celebrate His resurrection as Easter.
One of the slides pictured Jesus at the right hand of the Father in heaven surrounded by people in white robes. John O. said that he would soon be in that crowd wearing such a robe and he would be looking for many BARC “whoevers” in the crowd to enjoy a BARC reunion.
When John D. closed out the evening class, he asked to have the image of Jesus nailed to a cross with a variety of sins on Him. The men were glued to John D. as he reminded them of some of his specific sins that were placed on Jesus while He was nailed to that Cross. John D. also pointed out that all of the sins of those in the room were also dumped on Jesus. Believing faith in Jesus’ sacrificial death and resurrection assures us of THE way to eternal life with Jesus.
One of the men dismissed the session with prayer and the men started returning furniture. Another will be baptized on Easter Sunday. That is the Easter Story: He is Risen, He lives indeed.
We have to drink from saucers ’cause our cup keeps running over! John and Mammy Overton

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