Our Purpose and Plan

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About Us

The Good News is that God loves us and invites us to join Him to overcome evil with good.

We can change the World if we learn our purpose and become His co-laborer.

Our purpose and plan is to use this website to provide training materials to become co-laborers with Him to Change the World.

Our strategy is to start Christian Discipleship Movements that will be sustained on campuses.

Our Story

The most unreached people group in our communities are our school students (elementary through college).  Yet our future depends on how they develop as adults.  They will establish our cultural economics, safety, and spirituality.

We have developed a three phase training program for starting a Christian Discipleship movement on campuses that, if carried out, will change the world from evil to good.  Our book, Let's Change the World contains the three phase plan and more specifically, our Power point training slides and student manuals provide detailed instructions for equipping students.

Meet Dot and John Overton

John was 14 years old when he first noticed 13 year old Dot.  Eight years later they married after completing college.  Dot has an education degree in home economics.  John has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and was an Air Force Second Lieutenant when they married.

They have three sons, six grands (two married) and one great grand daughter.


Dot and John

John and Dot Overton


We are a Christian couple married for 65 years. John is a retired NASA engineer. Dot is his faithful helpmate, and Jesus is their Lord. Our writtings attempt to offer solutions rather than just dwell on current cultural problems.